Mind The Gap EP

by Dominic Lawson

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released July 1, 2016

Produced By Dominic Lawson
Mixed By Dominic Lawson, Adam Stokel, Kesh Savani
Mastered By Pete Maher



all rights reserved


Dominic Lawson Manchester, UK

Singer and Saxophonist Dominic Lawson releases his hand-crafted
"Mind The Gap EP" on July 1st 2016 -

The 6 tracks demonstrate his broad musical experience, with elements of Pop, Rock, Soul, RnB, Jazz and Classical Music.
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Track Name: Message To Me
Lately I’ve been thinking bout my dreams,
Hoping someday that they would come to be,
And what that would mean in the grand scheme of things.
Oh, I’m nowhere near yet.
But I’m already missin my friends and family,
But I gotta keep on pushing, cos I gotta do what makes me happy.
It’s not something we choose, Its who we are.
But When I get there you’ll see my peace,
Come Rock with me I’m on my way now.

I’m living it,
Im breathing it,
I feel it in every part of my soul,
And you’ll see it in my smile.
My joy and my sorrow,
My love and my struggle,
The good and bad,
Yeah you’ll see it in my smile.

So when the money is low,
And, You’re doubting yourself,
And, you don’t know who to trust…
Don’t you settle for less,
Don’t be blinded by pride,
Light that fire inside,
Act now, Strive, stay on your grind.

This dream requires a certain kind of strength,
I’ve got mine, I'm proud, I wear it on my chest,
Dedicated to always giving it my best.
See I was made to stand tall,
Brush off that dirt and get up if i fall.
So when I get there you’ll see my peace,
Come rock with me, I'm on my way now.

Track Name: Love Music [Feat. Monique Thomas]

Just like the unity of brotherhood,
This music's really got me feelin good,
It makes my soul light up inside.
And though at times I thought I never could,
Deep in my heart I knew I really would
Let this music be a part of my life.


Tell me why,
When I hear you its just pure delight,
You begin to fill my appetite,
And I feel your love, feel your love...


Oh I love you music,
You've really got me groovin,
I really wanna be with you and dance until the dawn.
Somethin 'tween me and you, and
I dont wanna lose it.
I'll never turn my back, i'll never walk out of that door.
Oh I love you music!


A little reggae puts a spring in your step,
And we'll be jamming just like Bobby said,
Oo in the name of the lord.
And when I'm longing for a change to come,
I press play on my favourite Sammy song,
You're in tune with my emotions.



Music, I love you,
I gotta let you know,
I gotta let you know,
I can't live without you,
You help me to let go,
You're helping me to grow.

I love you music!


All around the world in just one hour,
I've seen every nation dance for you,
And in every language you inspire,
I wanna be like you.

Track Name: Pressed & Dried (Vocal)
There's a stranger,
At my door,
Don't think I can take it,

Any more.
I never asked you to come out here like you do,
Now you've found me out,
The story's true.
So, what's new?

Take your snap-shots,

Show it all,

Choose your headlines,

Have a ball.

And when it's over, and there's nothing left to hide,

I’m torn and twisted, you bleed me dry.

They believe what they read,

Truth or lies,
So blatantly exposing me.

Why choose me?

Pressed and dried

On display

Caught and tried

Made to pay

There's stranger,

At my door,

On my doorstep,

Knows the score.
And as I watch you from my darkened room and cry,

I sit and wonder why, oh why.

They believe what they read,

Truth or lies,
So blatantly exposing me.

Why choose me?
Track Name: Mind The Gap
Verse 1
I need space
I need time
Away from the madness
To find
My true love
And a reason to press on

Pre Chorus
Is it too much?
Is it too late?
Have I made my bed?
Is the challenge too great?

Mind the gap.
Mind the gap.
I need to grow into who I am,
To be courageous and to be a man,
So, mind the gap.
Mind the gap.
Mind the gap.

Verse 2
I’ve spent too long,
Living a dream,
That wasn’t my own.
But now I,
Know who I am.
And I won’t deny my destiny.

Pre Chorus


All change,
Move along,
Mind the space,
Mind the Gap.


Verse 1
Sick and tired,
Of bein,
Sick and tired,
And something’s got to change.
So, be aware.
Be on my side.
Coz I’m sick and tired,
Of hearing people say…

Pre Chorus
The time is now, and,
You’ve got to move, and,
The clock is running out, you wont be young for long.
Don’t buy into that.
Its just not true, no no.
You only gotta do you, so…

So, mind the gap,
Something’s got to change now
So, mind the gap,
Because I’m sick and tired

Verse 2
Brother, brother,
You can’t see what I see.
Sister, sister,
Don’t you try to push me.
Mother, mother,
You can’t treat me that way.
Coz I’m sick and tired.
Of hearing people say…

Pre Chorus

Part 2 Chorus

Part 1 Chorus
Track Name: Beyoncé Walk
Verse 1
It’s been years since I first heard that song
(She had me dancing, singing “No, No, No”*)
But something caught my eye it was the way she walked
(She really knew how to pound that floor)
(What do you mean?)
Don’t you know by now?
I guess I’ll take it from the top
(Come on and show me how)

Pre Chorus
So whether you’re crazy in love, or got déjà vu,
It don’t matter who you are, you can do it too,
It’s that silhouette, that always makes my heart stop.

She got that Beyoncé walk
(And the beat got sicker)
She got that Beyoncé Walk
(All on your mouth like liquor… babe)

Verse 2
Don’t get me wrong, she’s got vocals for days,
(She got it all goin on)
She’s a survivor, flawless, (run the world) all at the same time, yeah
(She lifting people up with her song)

Pre Chorus


It’s that confidence in that Beyoncé walk,
If you know what I’m sayin, say mhmm (mhmm)
It’s that elegance in that Beyoncé walk,
If you know what I’m sayin, say mhmm (mhmm)
She was heaven sent with that Beyoncé walk,
If you know what I’m sayin, say mhmm (mhmm)
Don’t matter who you are, you can do it too,
Its that silhouette that I wont forget, my heart stops!


*Parts 1 and 2